Hi5 Website Features

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When you see prices this low, your first thought might be - the system probably doesn't have any features. That's where Hi5 websites differ! All of our sites come with these standard features.  

Custom Website Design

You work with one of our professional designers to create the site you want. Not some purchased template.

Unlimited Content Pages and Categories

There is no limit to how many pages your system can contain. One great example of this is a blog or news section on your website.

User Login Management

Need to have a site where people need to login to see extra content? Our system supports that out of the box. No special addons or programming needed.

Customizable Contact Manager

For most companies, having an online contact form with a name, phone and message field is enough. With Hi5, we can add as many fields a you wish to your contact form along with a file attachment field.

Photo Gallery

Do you need to showcase current and or prior work? Then we have a gallery addon that fits the bill and even handles video too!

Content Search

When your site has blogging, news, faqs and more, you need a way for people to search for content. With our system, as soon as we hit the save button, your content is stored, and indexed in real-time ready for searching.

Content Syndication and Newsfeeds

Another great feature that can keep fresh content on your site is by pulling content via RSS feeds. Our system can also publish any content on your website to an RSS feed so that other websites can pull in your content.

Flash Intros

Looking to add some sizzle to your landing page? No problem. The Flash header intro is a standard feature by request. While everyone uses the word Flash, we use pure Javascript to show your images so that everything from smart-phones to desktops show correctly.

Social Media

Every website should have social media links a company or personal Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When we design your site, all you have to do is provide your social links, and we'll program those in. We also offer a service to help you get your Facebook page up if you need it.


One of the best marketing tools out there is video! People love to come and watch videos no matter what the site. We can take your videos and embed them in the site so they are desktop and smart-phone ready.


Do you need to monetize your site or just create callouts to attract attention? If so, our system comes with a banner management system to handle that need.


Have you ever wanted to ask your client a question without resorting to email. Well now you can. Our system includes polling functionality where you can have private and public polls. 

 Hosting Features

Unlimited Email Accounts

Via our support portal, you have the ability to setup as many email accounts as you wish. The only restriction is your account disk space allotment. To avoide using up disk space with email, setup your accounts as POP3!

Unlimited Email Forwarders

Via our support portal, you can setup as mail email forwarders (aliases) as you want. The forwarders can go to an existing account or to an external email service.

Something no one else offers - Hack Guard!

Hack Guard is our term for if, your site is defaced or hacked, we will fix it for free! Nobody else in the industry offers this assurance or service.

Generous Bandwidth Allotments

Each account you have with us gets a health 20,000 megabytes of bandwith usage, each and every month.

Generous Disk Allotments

Each account comes with 1000 megabytes of disk space. This space counts towards your email and database storage.

Free Domain

When you purchase a website from us, we will register a domain for you, for free. If you already own a domain, we will transfer it and maintaing it for free.